Managed IT Services

Installation of 400 nodes in a multi-floor workplace of a Listed Developer in PP3

Installation of 80 nodes, CCTV and Door Access System for a Digital Platform workplace in LG1

Installation of 50 nodes, with AP switch, Wifi controller and Network Monitor system for a Bank office in BOA Tower

Installation of 240 nodes with AP switch, Wifi controller and Firewall & Network Monitor system in a Serviced Apartment

Installation of 1900 nodes with UPS, Wifi controller, Access & Core Switch and Network Monitor system in an University Hostel

Acoustic Solutions with Digital Printing

Provision of 100+ Acoustic Panels with Digital Printing & laser-cut customization for a Co-Working interior in Taikoo Place

Provision of 100+ Acoustics Panels with Digital Printing for an Asset Management workplace in Central Landmark